Benefits of motorcycle tent trailers

When it comes to motorcycle tent trailers, the cliché “less is more” becomes quite relevant. The trailer does not provide as different conveniences as larger camper does. They have no stand up shower or kitchen. They have no flat panel TV nor cedar lined closets. But their small pull behind the tents have some benefits that make up for those missing conveniences.

The following are some advantages of motorcycle tent trailers.Low upfront cost:

They are cheap, that’s no doubt. You can decide to purchase one without having to go for a loan with high interest rates. When you decide on financing, you should check with your credit union or bank.

Tow with any vehicle:

They are able to be towed by any vehicle. Therefore, there’s no need to purchase expensive and diesel-sucking pick up to pull a enclosed cargo trailers. When you are towing it with your four-wheel vehicle, you are going to
have zero impact on gas mileage.

Easy maintenance:

When you possess a big camper, there are various things to take care of, whether you are using it or not. However, with motorcycle tent trailer, you just have to clean and park it to dry. Once in a while, you just check its bearings to ensure the grease is fresh still.

Easier and less expensive to store:

You don’t have to rent costly parking area or build some hangar-sized to the garage to house it.

More outdoor experience:

When you go camping, you need to be nearer to outdoors and not insulated from it. This is among the biggest benefits of these tent trailers. You have the convenience of campfire, camping, comfy chair and some good conversation and of course, a cigar and beer just outdoors. This is quite convenient to a camper.

Comfortable where it counts:

While you are giving up numerous normal and in-built amenities, motorcycle tent trailers offer most vital conveniences. You have a roomy bed area that’s comfortable for two. Others feature sitting areas which provide two people with plenty room to sit and converse. When needed, a number of models provide larger spaces.

Access to more camping spots:

Lightweight mini campers are narrower as compared to truck. They are also much lower. It means you are able to park them in remote areas as compared to larger campers. You are able to park your motorcycle tent trailer on a friend’s lawn when you go visiting them. They are also easy to maneuver, implying that you are able to park them with a lot of confidence. You are also going to do more camping since you can easily maneuver it.

Fast, easy set up:

They are also easy to set up, normally less than ten minutes to do that. When you are travelling from one location to another, that’s huge plus. You may sleep early, or get up let. The other benefit is that they have higher resale value. When you decide to sell your trailer, you are going to be surprised about its resale value. The used tent trailers that are small enough to be pulled by a motorcycle usually are high on demand.