HideMyAss VPN Review; Is It The Best Option?

hidemyass-vpn-reviewThe UK based HideMyAss is one of the most popular VPN providers. Apart from VPN services, they also provide variety of programs created to enhance online privacy. These services are not only ideal for VPN users, but internet users in general. hide my ass review  stands out by offering such additional programs completely free of charge.

Pricing options.

Like many other VPN providers, HideMyAss offers 1 package only. The package is subscription based and it is broken up into tiers. The longer you subscribe, the lower you will pay for the subscription. $11.52 per month. This option is ideal for users who want to commit monthly. $49.99 twice in a year. You will save $19 by agreeing to a 6 month period. $78.66 once in year. If you subscribe in yearly bases, you will pay $78.66 and you will save $60.

Customer Support Service.

Customer care is quite impressive, it guarantees 24 hours response, and if you can contact them during UK business hours, you can get response immediately- as little as I hour. It does not offer live telephone services, but offers live chat and email for customer support.


HideMyAss is large with it servers located in atleast 75. The servers are located in every continent and are expanding each and every day.

Protocals supported.

HMA supports all major VPN protocols. These include L2TP, PPTP and OpenVPN. OpenVPN is supported over UDP and TCP on all of their servers. HMA service supports all the major browsers including Google Chrome, Firefox and Opera.


Most VPN services providers offer limited bandwidth, but HMA offers unlimited bandwidth. Unlimited bandwidth allows you to replace the normal browsing with the best vpn services- you can read unlimited number of texts based websites, watch all the video you want and much more without going over your limit.


HMA offers unlimited bandwidth, which of course is not standard in VPN. It does not limit or restrict traffic;
meaning IRC and P2P chat are fine.

Supported OS

All major OSs are supported by the HMA VPN tech. Some of the OS it supports include; Linux Fedora and Linux Ubuntu. Windows; Windows Vista, Windows 7, Mac (Tiger, Lion, Leopard, etc.). The software can work with all major browsers such as Google Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer, Safari and Opera.

Supported Devices

Essentially, all mainstream mobile devices can connect with HideMyAss VPN services. This includes iPad, Android, and iPhone, as well as the DDWRT Router and Windows Mobile. But it doesn’t support IPv6.

Free trials and money back guarantee.

HMA offers 30 days free trials, and you can also claim your refund within thirty days of order date. To claim refund, you should not have exceeded 100 sessions and your account not have been suspended for breaching terms of use.


With many international servers, HMA speed is very high, reliable and uptime. The closer you are to the server, the better the connections. Speed is not a problem- independent speeding testing found that the average speed around 15 Mbps, but it can be reach 40.69 Mbps or more depending on your location. Although in some countries the website may not be available, the software works virtually anywhere near a server. Although price is above average, this may not be an issue for such services. HideMyAss review shows that it is ideal experienced or beginners, as long as you don’t need dedicated IP hosting.

Tips for You to Save Money While Buying Bunk Beds

STH-500-Tw-Tw-Stairway-Bunk-+-1300-UBC8While carrying out interior design in your home you can decide to buy bunk beds. They can make your house look great but you need to take your time and select the best store from where you will access quality beds that will last you for long. This is necessary for you to be able to save money in your interior design. There are many stores available from where you can buy the beds from but it is essential for you to try and choose the best store. There are online stores as well as stores that operate in your neighborhood from where you can decide to buy the beds from. It will depend on you to decide on the best place from where you will buy the beds from. The following are tips for you to save money while buying bunk beds:

Buy all your bunk beds with stairs from a single store in bulk

There are some stores which will offer great discounts after you buy the beds in bulk from them. In case you will like to save a lot of money you need to take your time and carry out some form of research so that you will be able to decide on a store that will be able to offer you great discounts. Not all the stores from where you will buy the beds from will be able to offer you great discounts simply due to buying in bulk. This makes it necessary for you to try and ask whether there is such a privilege before you decide to buy from a given store.

Consider buying bunk beds online

While buying the beds online you will be assured of saving your money in many ways, first, after you decide to buy the beds online you will avoid cases where you will have to incur a lot of expenses before you can access the beds. For instance, you will not be required to travel to where the stores that sale the beds are located. This will save you on the cost of transportation. Remember after you decide to buy the beds online they will be delivered to your door step hence enabling you avoid the traveling costs.

Consider buying bunk beds from a store that does not have hidden charges

There are some stores which will tend to have a lot of hidden charges. For example when buying the beds online there are some stores which will ask you to pay for shipping services. These stores will lead you into paying too much for the beds hence you need to avoid them. For you to know whether a given store has hidden charges you need to carry out your own research. In case there are people in your neighborhood who have ever been served by the stores before you, then you need to make a point of meeting with them so that you will be able to know their opinion about the possible chargers that the store can expose you to when buying your bunk beds.